Trainings for Journalists from Sauth Caucasus

In Cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation and IDEM (Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange), MCERC conducted trainings for 45 journalists from the South Caucasus (2016-2018). In the frame of this project, MCERC members participated in preparing the textbooks for journalists. Trainings covered the topics as it follows:

·       “Covering business, finances, and economics”

·       “Covering European values and Institutions”

·       “Covering crisis and conflicts”

Participants represented media organizations from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Selected members were awarded an educational tour in Germany (Berlin and Potsdam).


The activities were implemented by Friedrich Naumann Foundation and IDEM (Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange).  

Media criticism: Young Journalists for Media Empowering

The goal of the project – “Media criticism: Young Journalists for Media Empowering’’ was to promote the development of media critics and media literacy; creating and developing new platforms for discussing media urgent issues (such as countering disinformation and fake news, reducing hate speech and stereotypes, covering sensitive issues, etc.); promoting collaborative innovative projects between beginners and professional journalists (mentors); extending professional networks for the beginner journalists; improvement of the quality of media by professional criticism. in the frame of the project, entry-level journalists have created stories with an emphasis on media critics and media literacy, and the best ones were awarded by the jury. 

The project was implemented by MCERC in 2016 by supporting and funding Deutsche Welle Akiademie.

SAFE Media environment 

In Cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation in South Caucasus, MCERC implements a project entitled “S.A.F.E media environment: Chellenges of covering crisis and demonstrations in pre-and-post election period”.  


The project aims at raising awareness on journalists’ safety risks in media organizations, and creating safety and supportive media environment in pre-and-post election period. Therefore, objectives of the project are to identify tools for reducing safety risks for journalists during pre-and-post election period in Georgia; to build supportive online and offline media environment and improve/promote solidarity among media workers.  


For meeting the objectives, MCERC has conducted the research (online survey and focus-group discussions) which identified situational perspective (2021) of online and offline media environment, challenges and safety risks media workers face during the pre-election period. In addition, with generous support of Naumann Foundation solidarity events have been organized.

South Caucasus International Conference SCC

The international conference entitled „New Standards and Approaches in Journalism Education, Media, and Mass Communication Studies” was held at the Caucasus School of media in 2016. 

More than 30 participants from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan presented papers focused on the following topics:

  • Journalism education: new teaching methods and standards;

  • Challenges in journalism curricula: discovering best practices;

  • Accreditation of J-schools:

  • Quality issues; Academia, labor market and employment in media;

  • Transfer of practical knowledge in education;

  • Journalistic ethics and media law, etc.

The conference was organized by MCERC, funded by DW Akademie and supported by the Caucasus school of media.

Journalism Textbooks 

Friedrich Naumann Foundation in cooperation with Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange (IDEM), Media and Communication Educational Center (MCERC) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, presented new textbooks for journalists. Textbooks are written in four languages and can be downloaded from the link