in cooperation with Higher Educational Institutions we participate in research projects. our senior fellows present papers at local and international conferences and publish academic papers in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks.

მედიაგარემო 2021 წლის არჩევნებამდე და შემდგომ" საფრთხეები და მხარდამჭერი ინსტრუმენტები (კვლევა)

ავტორები: მარიამ გერსამია, მაია ტორაძე; Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Maia Toradze

MCERC Annual Report_2021 (ENG)

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MCERC-ის წლიური ანგარიში_2021

გაიგეთ მეტი მედიის და კომუნიკაციის საგანმანათლებლო და კვლევითი ცენტრის (MCERC) საქმიანობის შესახებ ჩვენი წლიური ანგარიშიდან (2021)

The Voice of Women and Challenges of Gender Equality in Georgian Media (2021)

Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Maia Toradze, Liana Markariani

Published in the Handbook of Research on Discrimination, Gender Disparity, and Safety Risks in Journalism, Chapter: XIIIPublisher: IGI Global, 2020

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Effective media-monitoring reports: Framing, measurement and evaluation

Author: Mariam Gersamia

published in "Competing identities: The state of play of PR in the 2010s"

Media Psychology: Challenges of Competence-Based Curricula and Employment (2019)

Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Maia Toradze

published in Conference proceedings: 19th Lisbon Portugal International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (PSSHE-19); DOI: 10.17758/DIRPUB6.ED0419105

Communication Function of Social Networks in Media Education: The Case of Georgia

Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Maia Toradze.

published in Athens Journal of Mass Media and Communications, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 195-206

Employment of Entry-Level Journalists- Case of Georgia (in Georgian)

Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Maia Toradze

Employment of

entry-level journalists in Georgia (2018)

Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Maia Toradze

published in the European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies Jan-Apr. 2018 Vol.7, Nr.2

Challenges to Creating Vibrant Media Education in Young Democracies: Accreditation for Media Schools in Georgia

Authors: Mariam Gersamia, Eric Freedman

Migration and Media

Author: Mariam Gersamia

Pattern of Journalistic Analysis in Media Text: Major and Minor Elements

Author: Mariam Gersamia