The center aims to support the enhancement of a media and mass-communication field in the manner of creation of the new knowledge and through educational-research activities, raise awareness in media literacy, support introduction and strengthening of democratic values in a civil society. 

News & Activities

Research: The Voice of Women and Challenges of Gender Equality in Georgian Media (2020)

The project "Media Voice" was Launched

The project will promote freedom of expression by building media viability and resilience against self-censorship and fear through capacity building of media workers and empowering supportive media environment.

Solidarity Journalism for Peace and Security

MCERC launches a new project "Solidarity Journalism for Peace and Security" under the series of "History Keepers", funded by the European Union within its Eastern partnership Civil Society Fellowship Programme.

Academic Blogs on Information Warfare and Security 

MCERC is launching a series of academic blogs created by Georgian and European students and covering current topics such as disinformation, fake news, effects of Russian propaganda and malign influence on International Politics etc.

Media Solidarity Forum “Media Voice from Georgia”

On the 8th of September, on the International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity, Media and Communications Educational and Research Center hosted Media Solidarity Forum titled “Media Voice from Georgia”. The forum is held with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia.

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Careers of the future

Media Psychology and Communications

The portal (supported by MCERC) aims to promote interdisciplinary educational programs.


The English taught graduate program “media psychology and communications” (at Tbilisi State University, faculty of social and political sciences) is the only accredited program in Media psychology in Georgia. Follow us and find out more about the careers of the future.

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