Media and Communication Educational and Research Center 

The center aims to support the enhancement of a media and mass-communication field in the manner of creation of the new knowledge and through educational-research activities, raise awareness in media literacy, support introduction and strengthening of democratic values in a civil society. 


News & Activities

Research: The Voice of Women and Challenges of Gender Equality in Georgian Media (2020)

Presentation of the survey findings on Safe media environment

MCERC conducted an online presentation of the survey “Pre-election media environment: threats, expectations, recommendations” on July 17. Findings of the online survey identified challenges and safety risks media workers face during the pre-election period.

MCERC statement on media environment in Georgia

Recent developments that occurred on July 5 (where up to 50 media representatives were injured) revealed that media staff employed in critical media (journalists, camera-persons, managers, etc.) are NOT safe.

Trainings and masterclasses in PR and Communication Strategies

Media and Communication Educational and Research Center (MCERC) has launched short-term workshops and masterclasses focusing on “Public Relations and Communication Strategies – 101”. Participants were awarded certificates at the end of the workshop.

International collaboration for media development across South Asia and Caucasus

Media and Communication Educational and Research Center (MCERC) and Media Action Nepal (MAN) have agreed to collaborate for expanding international partnerships and building media supportive networks across the world mainly in South Asia and Caucasus region.

Careers of the future

Media psychology and communications

The portal (supported by MCERC) aims to promote interdisciplinary educational programs.


The English taught graduate program “media psychology and communications” (at Tbilisi State University, faculty of social and political sciences) is the only accredited program in Media psychology in Georgia.


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